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    1. Guangdong Maoxin Machinery

      NCF servo roll feeder features

      High precision feeding

      It is able to meet high tech industrial standard,gurantees the accuracy within+/-0.03mm under close-loop control system.

      Stage feeding feature

      Up to 20 sets of different feeding lengths are capable,each set provides 999 times of stamping in order to meet precision precision processing of special products.

      Personalized manual mode

      3 stages of manul speeds can be input,making it easier for operator to position the material accurately.

      High efficient relaxing device

      Relaxing angle adjustment can be done quickly by mark and the change the material thickness.

      Feeding length setting

      On the control panel, directly input the feeding length to achieve the required feeding distance

      Feeding mechanism

      Hollow type roller,light weight,smaller rotational inertia,hardness of HRC60C,hard chromium plated,better wear resistance and loger lifespan.

      Three feeding methods to meet various production needs

      Pneumatic type
      Left right pendulum

      Main specifications / parameters


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